onsdag 3. oktober 2012

Our first post!

(With help from Google Translate) 
This is our first post in our new blog! This blog is a school project, but this post will be the best ever. Here is the most epic This is our first post in our new blog! This blog is a school project,.

From left: Martin, Asbjørn (top), Hans Jorgen (bottom) and Magnus
The project is called Green Living and it is an environmental project that will last over 2 years. We will be traveling to Hamburg next year and work with on this project. This blog is intended for the German students so they can see what we are doing.
Asbjøn is a cute and single guy from Bergen, and he is always trying to get the hot girls. He plays football for Baune and is an active guy. (Call him if you're interested)
Magnus is the group's clever head, he is quite extreme if he said so himself. He is an active orientation boy and likes to stay in shape. He is also the group least concentrated member.
Martin is a masculine guy from Varaldsøy, and likes sheep. He is the only farmer in the group and and the only one who understand Norways second language, nynorsk. He caught an adult deer with his hands when he was 10 years old.
Hans Jørgen
Hans Jørgen is the "little bastard" of the group. By this we mean that he is a jolly fellow with a good attitude and good humor. He grew up in Bergen hardest ghetto, namely the district Åsane. The first thing you think when you see Hans Jørgen would like to be "Lars Vaular" (Norwegian rapper from Bergen) but behind this rock face live a shy little boy who is waiting for the world to be kind.
See you soon!
 P.S Take this with a pinch of irony

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