fredag 19. oktober 2012

Week 42: Making progress ...

.This week we had good time to work with the project and had a nice progress. We got a clearer image from Christiane on what's important to bring into our presentation. We found more about what Bergen has as a goal for buildings. We tried to find some plans and projects that is relevant for the project with some success. We found out that it was important to bring economy, districts and age into the picture.
We also made a political goal (which we might change later) which is: In 20 years every house in Bergen have the environmental standard that is required in new houses. And other things we did:
Asbjørn: Political goal, put together the texts in German about us.
Martin: Political parties opinions, found concrete examples on building projects.
Magnus: Created a powerpoint, helped me with the log, found pictures.
Hans Jørgen: Wrote blog and log, found pictures, looked for information and contact information on important persons, took notes on what Christiane said was important in our project.

Here is two of the links we have looked on this week (i am sorry, they are in Norwegian):

~Hans Jørgen
Quote of the day, have a good weekend!

“The planet is in distress and all of the attention is on Paris Hilton.” 
― Al Gore

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