onsdag 17. oktober 2012

What we did in our science class 28. september 2012

A couple of weeks ago we got the whole day to work on our project. We could spend this classes to what we wanted to do, related to the project of course. We thought that in this early stages it was smart to look on the internet for information, and make it more clear what we want to learn and talk about in this project.
What each induvidual did:
Asbjørn: Found an example on how a guy from Bergen made his house environmental friendly, and we found out how to get in touch with him, and maybe interview him. 
Hans Jørgen: Found out more about environmental friendly politics and groups. Especially their meanings about houses and buildings.
Martin: Planning and investment of new environmental friendly gadgets that is a good substitute for the old ones. 
Magnus: Generally about our problem "What can we do to make houses and buildings more environmental friendly?"
Environmental friendly apartments. San Fransisco (http://www.rnarchitect.com/boards/Virgo.htm)

~Hans Jørgen

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